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Our Philosophy


Annual production

150 tons of Grapes

Area under vine

24,2 ha

Grape varieties (red wine)

Merlot - 4,5 ha, Cabernet Frank - 1,4 ha, Feteasca Neagra - 4,5 ha, Saperavi - 1 ha, Carmenere - 2,4 ha, Cabernet Sauvignon - 4 ha, Pinot Noir - 1,2 ha, Marselan - 1 ha, Albarosa - 1 ha

Grape varieties (white wine)

Chardonnay - 1,2 ha, Sauvignon Blanc - 1 ha,
Viognier - 1 ha


Riparia Rupestris 101-14, 420A, SO4

Average age of the vines

4 years

Vine density

4000-6000 plants per ha


Thanks to the close proximity of Black Sea, Liman and the Dniester River in conjunction with well-drained, warm on the surface, cool and humid deep down soil a perfect terroir for growing grapes has formed.

« The moment I came back home and decided to grow grapes I fell in love with the place. When I started to prepare the land I immediately felt connected to it. I dedicated all my time to develop this Estate. Living in the middle of vineyards gave me inspiration and power to produce the best out of this area could give. While preparing the land we were surprised to find some artifacts which gave us the evidence that this land was settled by people who were cultivating grapes long time ago. »

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