Two generations of Luchianov family share their common passion – wine, which is the direct reflection of rich Moldovian land. Its unique character, sober elegance and unquestionable quality are the result of the strict control of each technological process by the owner and winemaker Alexandru Luchianov.

Cuvee Blanc 2017 Premium

Blend of 4 grape varieties fermented in oak barrel for 6 months. It has a bright golden color, rich bouquet...

Chardonnay 2016 Premium (sold out)

Excellent fresh wine with a perfectly balanced bouquet. Hints of pears, vanilla and lemons generate a long and fresh aftertaste.

Aeroplane Affinite 2018

Identifiable by its fresh and tasty bouquet, this wine delights with pleasant hints of apricots, dried peaches and grapefruit.

Aeroplane Petrichor 2018

This new Et Cetera wine has a tender wildflowers aroma and wheat color with greenish accents. The new blend of Chardonnay (60%) and Sauvignon...