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Spumante Apolinaria
2019 (Chardonnay+Pinot Noir)

Intense golden-green champagne with crystalline sparkles. It has a round, harmonious, rich and expressive taste, with notes of ripe berries. This champagne has a refined, fresh flavor with hints of pears, almonds and hazelnuts. The tones of hawthorn, acacia and rosehip blend harmoniously with the tasty notes of pastries and freshly made butter.

The  wine was named in honor of one of the Olympian deities, Apollo, recognized as god of the Sun and light, poetry , and more, but its final name is expressing the derivational category of femininity, because the winemaker wanted to create a sparkling wine in honor of his daughter Polina (Apollinaria). Emphasizing the connection betweem the sunny Moldovan field, and the playful and energetic character of a little girl, like bubbles of sparkling wine. The label was made in bright colors, with a predominance of intense shades of yellow to bright bronze. All the effort resulted in a very presentable product, which indicates the status of the wine, the power and the performance of tastes and flavors, as well as a huge potential for maturation and positioning on the international market!

400 mdl
Let's see how it goes.
Serving Temperature 5-8C°
Perfect for Light cheese and fish snacks, it also goes perfectly with quail on a top of celery puree