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Naughty Brothers 2018

The wine Naughty Brothers symbolizes the richness and strength of family ties. The profiles of the two Luchianov brothers are outlined on the label. It promotes the responsibility with which we cultivate our relationship with our brothers, and the premise from which it starts is - a friend for life.
Naughty Brothers is the result of the excellent combination of Cabernet Sauvignon, Saperavi and Feteasca Neagră varieties, harvested in 2018. Matured in oak barrels for 24 months. The wine has a well-defined personality with opulence in aroma and taste, structured, fine, complex with a juicy taste, solid tannins and an acidity that softens them, the olfactory-gustatory foreground is captured by notes of coffee, cherries, currants and dogwood!

1300 mdl
Let's see how it goes.
Serving Temperature 18C°