Making wine becomes fanatically interesting, that’s why winemakers are keeping waiting and hoping every year for the Big Harvest, a Good Year. Making Blends, is like putting together all parts of a perfect sport car and in the end you get a piece of Art or a Painter putting on the Canvas his imaginations and he gets his work he would be proud of.

Serendipity is a Blend of Feteasca Neagra 70% and Cabernet Sauvignon 30%. It was a good surprise when we put together in the lab these wines and we got the Blend we can be proud of as it has our indigenous Grape variety.

A wine with Complex Structure, we’d say a Cigar Box with lots of Dark Fruits taste, smoke, coffee and dried plums. A long aftertaste with pleasant almonds finish.
Definitely you need a Beef Steak for this wine and do not forget about the temperature, +16C.