Et Cetera Winery

In the very beginning we were welcoming our guests right in the winemaker’s house and its terrace with a marvelous view on our vineyards. But as soon as the amount of wine lovers who wanted to visit us started to grow from day to day we started to think of the solution to house everyone. Thus we recreated this friendly atmosphere in our spacious and cozy restaurant which was built on 31 May, 2013.
We aimed to achieve a perfect harmony with nature. Panoramic windows give you the opportunity to admire our vineyards and let the huge amount of natural light in. High ceilings and Provencal styled interior with traditional notes will submerge you in the unique atmosphere of rich Moldavian land.
Our menu contains all the best regional recipes, which are made only from local products. And the main part of our cuisine is delicious and tender placintas made with love by our mother.
Currently we accept guests mostly by preorder, but after the accommodation building finishes we will be able to welcome everyone in our restaurant daily from 9 am till 10 pm.

The Owner and Winemaker

Alexandru Luchianov

The moment I came back home and decided to grow grapes I fell in love with the place. When I started to prepare the land I immediately felt connected to it. I dedicated all my time to develop this Estate. Living in the middle of vineyards gave me inspiration and power to produce the best out of this area could give. While preparing the land we were surprised to find some artifacts which gave us the evidence that this land was settled by people who were cultivating grapes long time ago.

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